1.16.19 Pre-Symposium Fun


Let’s talk Glasgow, it was amazing. We saw a lot of the city, interacted with locals, and by the end of the trip we knew where we “lived” and how to pay in a new currency. And by we, I of course mean Carlie – y’all know I was lost the entire time.

We left Tuesday evening and flew 8 hours to Reykjavik then 2.5 hours to Glasgow. If ever you’re looking to go to the UK or beyond, I HIGHLY recommend Icelandair. I really wish we would have had time to layover in Iceland, but our schedule just didn’t allow for it. We got round trip from Dallas to Reykjavik to Glasgow and back, for both of us, for $1379 total. You really, really can’t beat that. Easy flight, we were well taken care of during the connection, and arrived in Glasgow early Wednesday morning all in one piece.


Knowing that we were going to be exhausted, we planned for our first afternoon to be super lazy and low key. Everyone that I know that has traveled overnight told us that we needed to hit the ground running or jet lag would eat us alive. We booked something fun for Wednesday night so that we would get up and out rather than sleeping all day and night. We went to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and saw The Ratpack at Christmas and it was great – of course we were the youngest attendees by far and made new friends.


A good night’s rest will do wonders for two jetlagged beauties from Texas. We got up Thursday morning and attended A Christmas Carol at the Tramway. This was a fun show, geared for students and families, but told the classic story very well. Carlie and I agreed this was a highlight for both of us.


Glasgow was wonderfully accessible throughout our entire trip. In the 8 days we were there, I had to get off Garth the Scooter once to move it due to an inaccessible sidewalk. That’s pretty stink’n awesome.


Old habits die hard, and while we were out exploring we ate somewhere very familiar


Carlie and I slow rolled our trip knowing that the Symposium was going to be all consuming. The rest of this week I’ll be sharing with y’all more from our trip including Symposium takeaways, concussion pics, and my favorite find of the trip: DR. PEPPER!!


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