2.7.20 Here’s to 33

“When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them, and sometimes, when you are safe and happy, remember that someone has prayed for you.”

Tuesday was amazing. Best birthday ever. Friends, family, fried chicken – these are a few of my favorite things. Slept in, had lunch with Ashley and Caden while we infused, picked up a GREAT groupon for Bombshells & Blowouts to get that big Texas birthday hair, and somehow made it from Roanoke to pickup everything for the party in time to get to Thirty Eight & Vine before the end of the night. Anybody will tell you, being on time is not my forte. Stars aligned, 35 opened up, and apparently time stood still for me to get everything done. It was wonderful. We had crowns, and cupcakes, and kazoos – what more does a 33 year old need?

I cannot thank everyone enough for the calls, texts, posts, videos, memories, smooches and corndogs. Planning and celebrating my birthday is always so much fun for me, and it makes my heart happy that y’all continue to love and indulge me year after year. I plan to keep upping the ante every year so get excited.

One thing y’all have hopefully learned about me by now is that there is no greater honor in my life than being Aunt Sunny. These are some of my most precious babies, singing happy birthday to me.

The sweet Stone Boys

My Perfect Peyton

Mark my words: these Watson boys will change the world one day

How precious is Mackenzie’s red curls?

I’m still on cloud 9. My heart is full. My cup is overflowing. I appreciate y’all more than I can put into words. Your prayers are felt and encouraged. Know that I’m reciprocating the love and prayers daily. Thanks for making my day perfect.

One thought on “2.7.20 Here’s to 33

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