12.4.20 Jokes On Me

I stole this picture from Cathy as it adds to the validity of the story. We were in Perth and the weather was as close to perfect as it gets for me. We were discussing the next symposium set for December 2020 in Montreal. I asked Bronson to look up the current weather in Montreal for comparison and his response made me physically react. Negative five degrees Fahrenheit. I told him, Carlie, and later Cathy that I would not be going to Montreal, that my body is just not conditioned for Canada in December. Especially when immediately comparing it to Australia in December. Well, jokes on me because nobody is going to Montreal as this year’s symposium is being held virtually thanks to covid. Cathy graciously accepted my offer to serve on the patient fellow selection committee and this year’s fellows are phenomenal.

In Perth we participated in the first global Walk to Defeat ALS/MND and it was truly a highlight of the trip. More than 500 people from all over the world came together to bring awareness to this disease. Just wait until you see these pictures and videos.

And while we’re talking about fun things that were in Perth, y’all need to meet Gudjon. My friend Gudjon is just wonderful. For health reasons he was unable to make the trip from Iceland to Australia, but that hardly slowed us down from including him in our adventures. My biggest regret was not getting my Flat Gudjon laminated so he could do the shark adventure with us. Here are some of our favorite Flat Gudjon pictures:

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