1.4.21 4 Years O’Bloggin’

Yesterday was my 4 year blog’oversary! This little pet project has come a very long ways from it’s humble beginning. Last year, this blog was viewed in more than 90 different countries – I don’t think I can name that many countries. We have also surpassed the 100k views mark which just blows my mind.

4 years ago I was newly married and anticipating my 30th birthday. Now I’m happily divorced and planning my 34th birthday party. So much has happened in 4 years, and I’m thankful for just about all of it.

On January 20th I’ll celebrate 6 years with ALS. It’s mind blowing to think of the 27 year old person who got diagnosed. So much has changed. So much is the same.

I can’t say “thank you” enough. Your love and support is what drives me to do more, to be better, and keep going.

One thought on “1.4.21 4 Years O’Bloggin’

  1. Thanks Sunny. Happy New Year to you & the family!

    6 years on the 20th – Wow!

    My diagnosis was so “woolly” that I have a couple of dates, the last & definitive one was 2nd December 2014 (same day my Dad died in Oz) just over 6 years ago too.

    However, it was hinted at by 1st consultant neurosurgeon I saw on 8th October 2013, after initial minor symptoms earlier in the year. He then became “fairly certain” it was MND by 3rd December 2013 (after various numerous tests) – but suggested 2nd opinion from specialist neurosurgeon.

    2nd consultant saw me in March 2014 and suspected MND too – but sent for further testing (incl. Lumber Puncture/Spinal Tap). On 26th August 2014 he confirmed he felt it was MND, but with upper MN predominance, “slowly progressing and no treatment available”.

    After this I started working on any research projects the Edinburgh University or Anne Rowling Clinic was offering, as well as another test or 2, and on 2nd December 2014, he decided that – based on observations & ALSFSR progression record and areas affected – it was probably the rarer variant of PLS.

    In 2015 I also saw another (and still my current) specialist consultant – Prof Siddarthan Chandran – who was a little more empathetic & helpful than the 1st two (and leads the Research Clinic), where between him & 2nd chap the PLS diagnosis was – as far as they were able – confirmed.

    We are – in so many ways – very lucky, in terms of the wider ALS/MND community as I know you appreciate. So we keep up the good fight for ourselves and our comrades (both the fallen and those we are yet to know)!

    Be in touch soon



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