4.30.21 It’s Gonna Be May

Let the Justin Timberlake memes fly because tomorrow it’s gonna be May!! In the US May is recognized as ALS Awareness Month which means we’ve got work to do. Every day is ALS Awareness in my little world so enrolling y’all for the cause makes it all the more fun. I’ll be honest, in years past the added emotions from heightening our awareness efforts is quite exhausting. It makes this disease more real and scary, which fuels motivation but is also terrifying. So, this year I need y’all to help me more than ever. For the last 6 years I’ve preaching the gospel of ALS Awareness to anyone that will listen. This year I’m asking you to help with the preaching by utilizing my favorite awareness tool: FLAT SUNNY!

Everything you need to know is in the video below:

  • Who: You, Everyone you know, Everyone you don’t know
  • What: Flat Sunny Adventures with the hashtag #TalkALSToMe
  • Where: Everywhere you go, Everywhere everyone you know goes, Everywhere everyone you don’t know goes
  • When: Everyday in May
  • Why: Raising all of the ALS Awareness we can

SunnyStrong store will also be taking shirt orders and will have some new fun swag. I’m really excited about some new artwork we had done. Keep an eye on all things SunnyStrong through the blog and social media!

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