4.25.22 Fight ALS Film Festival

Mark your calendars and join us in May for ALS Awareness Month. Register here. Zoom links will be sent out each week. Meetings to discuss each movie are at 7PM CDT on the dates listed below.

May 1: So Much So Fast, with a discussion moderated by Carol Hamilton. Carol was inspired by this film to join the fight to end ALS. After meeting Stephen and Jamie Heywood in 2005, she has now been with ALS TDI, the organization they founded, ever since.

May 9: VICE Die Trying, with a discussion moderated by Angelina Fanous. Angelina has been living with ALS since the age of 28. A former editor at VICE, Angelina is the host of Die Trying.

May 16: Hope on the Horizon: An Expedition for ALS, with a discussion moderated by Donna York, Kelly Regan and Cara Wallem. The film documents the challenge and courage of those living with ALS, on a hike through the fierce and fantastic White Mountains of New Hampshire.

May 24: The Theory of Everything, with a discussion led by Katrina Hawking, an advocate for people living with MND/ALS and their families who is married to Stephen Hawking’s eldest son Robert. This film is the story of the renowned theoretical physicist and his wife, Jane, based on Jane’s memoir. which was nominated for many awards, including five Academy Awards, garnering one Oscar for Best Actor.

May 31: TransFatty Lives, with a discussion moderated by Patrick O’Brien. Patrick was TransFatty, a New York City DJ, internet personality and filmmaker. Diagnosed with ALS at 30, he turned his camera onto himself to document every step of his debilitating journey – TransFatty Lives.

See the full press release here: https://www.pr.com/press-release/859956

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