4.4.2022 Beers Without Beards

Say that ten times fast, go ahead, I’ll wait. I am PUMPED about attending my first in person event with Her ALS Story. Y’all met them when we got the Trailblazer award, remember? Oh, and you can watch our panels and award here.

Man, I love in person events, and beer through a straw, and meeting my internet friends AND I get to do it all this week in Portland, Maine! Highs are in the 40s but this sunloving gal doesn’t care because it’s a festival for beer and women in brewing. I’m too excited to be cold.

“When people outside of the ALS community think of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), it’s often safe to assume they are imagining of a disease that affects the elderly. Similarly, when many people think about a typical craft beer enthusiast, they’re likely picturing a bearded, flannel and beanie-wearing hipster enjoying a hazy IPA. Her ALS Story is a group whose main mission is to change the former. With their participation in Portland Maine’s upcoming Beers Without Beards event in Portland, ME on April 9th, they will also contribute to changing the latter.”

Read More Here

ALS Therapy Development Institute has this awesome program called Ales for ALS where they grow hops and donate to breweries to brew a charity beer that benefits ALS research. Pretty cool, right? If you have any brewery connections let me know so we can get them connected and involved.

Her ALS Story has changed my life. This community of bad ass women is changing the face of ALS. I hope you were able to see the videos and remembrance posts throughout March on my Instagram and FB. Go check them out, I am thankful to be guilty by association with these warriors.

My Women’s History Month Video

So Thursday Mah and I are headed out to the far north east. Profanity warning: I’m wearing a shirt to the event Saturday that has a word rhyming with ‘Duck’ on it. Just don’t look at my shirt if that upsets you. Picture us in matching, non-explenetive shirts if necessary.

Prost Y’all!

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