7.25.22 Week 1 Fight ALS Film Festival

So Much So Fast

This film makes you proud to be a human

This was the perfect film to kickoff the Fight ALS Film Festival because it’s all about the love and determination of a family. We met a lot of the Heywood family in our discussion, including Stephen’s son Alex who was an infant in the film. People that remain in the fight after their loved one has passed are truly saints.

“Stephen makes you believe in the redemptive power of technology” Jamie Heywood

“Another really important theme about the film is that the whole family was just living at full speed all the time, despite ALS. Such an amazing message about how to deal with adversity in your life.”

“If I’ve taken anything out of this whole experience it’s difficult to look at the blessing of an experience like ALS, but the blessing is to have a acceleration of an understanding of what living really means.”

“I think it also just speaks to the endless amount of problem solving that ALS is, Every thing in life becomes a challenge And then you have to find a solution to it and go on to the next one.”

The Her ALS Story group has realized the benefit of collaboration and in person events. If interested, donations towards our Wellness Retreat in Madison, Wisconsin can be made here or here for tax purposes.

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