11.7.18 Portraits of ALS

In August, The ALS Association launched a weekly series on Instagram called "Portraits of ALS". I encourage you to take a moment and meet the others showcased in this series: Mike Deeley, Joseph Irwin, Kim Abbott, Rich Pollock, Trimble McCullogh, Scott Van Velsor, Patricia O'Reilly, Clay A., Chris Douglas, and Tom Ward. Each of their … Continue reading 11.7.18 Portraits of ALS

11.1.18 I Wonder If They’ll Have Dr. Pepper

This dynamic duo is attacking ALS in a whole new way AND in a whole new country: SCOTLAND Carlie and I are so excited we can't hardly stand it. I applied and was accepted as one of three Patient Fellows for the International Symposium on ALS/MND Research in Glasgow this December 7-9. This is the … Continue reading 11.1.18 I Wonder If They’ll Have Dr. Pepper

10.24.18 Wed-Nes-YAAAAY

Tuesday was so good I had to raise my personal fundraising goal to $1750 AND WE'RE ALMOST THERE! Please consider making a donation by clicking here. Ok, enough about me. Team SunnyStrong is legit killing it. Saturday is going to be awesome, we're going to cause a ruckus and take a stand against ALS. Here … Continue reading 10.24.18 Wed-Nes-YAAAAY

10.15.18 Team SunnyStrong Wants You!

We are just two weeks from the Fort Worth Walk to Defeat ALS.  If you haven’t done so already, please add October 27th to your calendar and join us for the walk – either in person or as a virtual walker. Click here to register. Click here to order your SunnyStrong shirt(s). Click here to … Continue reading 10.15.18 Team SunnyStrong Wants You!

10.9.18 If Parkinson’s, Why Not ALS?

I promise to get back on track with blogging and rallying the troops for the ALS Walk on the 27th. I wanted to share this with y'all because, if you recall, the Azilect drug trial was the very first trial I ever participated in. I later found out that during my one year enrollment, I … Continue reading 10.9.18 If Parkinson’s, Why Not ALS?