4.24.19 Collaborations for ALS Awareness Month

2019 officially marks the 27th year that the United States recognizes the month of May as ALS Awareness Month. The purpose of an awareness campaign generally includes increase concern by informing the targeted audience, creating a positive image, and attempts to change the past behavior. The first year, 2015, I hadn't publicly announced my diagnosis … Continue reading 4.24.19 Collaborations for ALS Awareness Month

1.19.19 Join Us?

Your Name: Nova Your Email: NGetz@ciscrp.org Event Website (if applicable): https://www.ciscrp.org/about-us/ Event Date and Location: Dear Sunny Strong, CISCRP is currently planning a half-day patient advisory board meeting in the Boston area in early February (2/6/2019 – 2/7/2019) to help inform the design of an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) clinical trial, and is actively seeking … Continue reading 1.19.19 Join Us?

1.14.19 But This Mouth…

  Thursday I had the privileged to speak at the Continuity of Care monthly meeting with my sweet, supermom friend Toni Sudderth. From their website: "Continuity of Care, Fort Worth is a network of healthcare professionals and related industries dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary communication and resources. Continuity of Care (C of C) Fort Worth began … Continue reading 1.14.19 But This Mouth…

1.8.19 Top 8 of 2018

January 4th was my 2 year anniversary of blogging. I started this blog as an outlet, mostly entertaining and very little education, but it has blossomed into more than I could ever imagine. The opportunities, the doors that have opened, the friends made are just the beginning of my journey. In 2018 we had a … Continue reading 1.8.19 Top 8 of 2018

12.24.18 90 Second Refresh

Good Morning! Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! I've been MIA for the last week and half but I assure you it's nothing personal nor dramatic, just a little more crazy than usual. Scotland was amazing. My only regret was not trying this churro place that everyone raved about after we were out of … Continue reading 12.24.18 90 Second Refresh