4.24.19 Collaborations for ALS Awareness Month

2019 officially marks the 27th year that the United States recognizes the month of May as ALS Awareness Month. The purpose of an awareness campaign generally includes increase concern by informing the targeted audience, creating a positive image, and attempts to change the past behavior.

The first year, 2015, I hadn’t publicly announced my diagnosis so the month was focused around sharing this news with everyone around me. The second year, 2016, I posted something every morning about ALS on social media and every morning setup the day for heartache. 2017 was my first year blogging and brought a more focused approach to raising awareness and spread the exhaustion of writing about my personal dance with my personal hell. Last year I cheated a smidge and took the same topics from 2017 and expounded on what had changed from diagnosis to present day.

One thing that continues to come up at every event, every time I wear my SunnyStrong shirt, in conversations with people I meet every day is that a lot of people have a connection to ALS in some capacity. Y’all know my story, you’ve loved and supported me through every second of this entire journey.

So here we are knock knock knocking on May’s door and with my fourth ALS Awareness Month and I need your help. What is your connection to ALS? What made you dump ice water on your head during the soaking phenomenon of August 2014 known as the Ice Bucket Challenge? What has kept you committed to this fight? What have you learned along the way?

Please share with me your story, or the story of your loved one. I am going to share stories from the amazing people I’ve met along this journey from warriors to caregivers to therapists to life hacks that make every day easier. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or extravagant, I’m just looking to share what ALS looks like to you. To raise awareness for this disease. To change the outcome of this diagnosis by increasing concern and sharing a positive (as possible) image of our thriving, tenacious community.

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I’m looking forward to collaborating with you on this project! Stay tuned for additional updates on our efforts to raise awareness and #endals

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