5.13.19 Talk ALS To Me

I have the best quarterly clinic schedule: February – Valentine’s Day, May  – ALS Awareness Month, August – Ice Bucket Challenge Month, November – Thanksgiving. Y’all know I’m always trying to celebrate all the every of the things, and clinic on Friday was no exception. Usually I go the 2nd clinic of the month but because of Texas Steak Cookoff this coming weekend, I bumped my appointment by a week which means I got to make all new friends.

A few years ago we did “Tell Me Why ALS Sucks” and got some awesome, awesome personal quotes and testimonies from my fellow clinic goers. This year we followed IAmALS.org lead and asked everyone to #TalkALStoMe and fair warning, it’s powerful.

“I AM ALS started with four people crying in a small doctor’s office. Every day since then we have grown stronger. Every day we have moved close to a cure. Because of you, Kathleen, and so many others.”

This week and beyond I’ll be sharing those stories with you via social media. If you’re not on social media, that’s ok! Make a note to check out SunnyStrong’s homepage and all of our social media activity can be found there. May is all about raising awareness for this disease, and the best way to do that is to talk about ALS consistently, passionately, and with everyone that will listen. Listen to our stories, share with others.

No apologies. No excuses. No regrets.

Are you willing to #TalkALSToMe ? Send me your story, or post it to social media and tag SunnyStrong

Friday was life changing. My cup runneth over. No noticeable progression. Breathing was the same. Weight was on target. One fall to report. Finished round 21 of Radicava Ridiculousness. Spent the entire appointment pouring into the families in attendance, loving on my fellow ALS fighters. This is a resilient bunch, a tenacious community of determined people searching for a cure.  And my personal assistants for the day were without a doubt the cutest in the history of ever.



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