7.7.17 Holy Guacamole

Y’all, I still can’t wrap my head or my heart around the last 48 hours. I did what? Who was there? I did what?

7.5.17 was ALS awareness night at Globe Life Park and I challenged everyone to cause a ruckus for ALS and a ruckus is what y’all caused. Go check out Sunnystrong on facebook, you’ll see all the amazing pictures from last night. I’d share them here but this blog post would never, ever load. It is so, so, so awesome to see Wednesday night through everyone’s different vantage point, especially what everyone was doing during the rain delay. Kenneth and I were legitimately concerned that our group would drink all the beer in the Lexus Club level – I mean there were A LOT of Brous’ there, and Tarleton grads. Luckily the rain blew over, the beer was a’flowin, and I threw out the first pitch of the game – also known as the #SunnySlider

Even better than throwing out the first pitch was getting to love on all the wonderful Sunnystrong crazies that came out for the game. Almost 200 friends, family, and lucky new additions were there to drink beer, sit in the rain, watch baseball, and love on me. 

And the crazy part is: I can think of 20ish people that were at the game and aren’t in this picture! Go big or go home, obviously. We go hard in the paint, all day, every day. 

I love doing life with this amazing man! Huge thank you to ALSA for the opportunity, Jaci for the “Flat Sunny’s”, Katie Morgan for the pep talk, Ashley and Dawn for manning the crowd, and Casey Strader for coordinating all of our tickets. I’m certain I forgot someone, so thank YOU for anything and everything! And the icing on the cake of a wonderful 48 hours: our Baloo Bear turned 1! Happy birthday to the sweetest boy who brings so much joy and companionship to our lives!

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