11.20.17 Workless Sunny

Two weeks ago Friday was my last day of work, ever. Y’all know me well enough by now to know I️ haven’t slowed down at all, maybe next week. I️ have missed the routine of it, I’ve worked for as long as I️ can remember, but the few days of sleeping in and not having a set agenda have been pretty great.

Volunteering for JA was the greatest opportunity I’ve ever been given. Not only did this opportunity open the door to a new career, but I️ also had the chance to be in the classroom, teaching, and interacting with students. 10 year old me who wanted to be a teacher when she grew up was elated to get to play teacher.

I️ can remember going into my VPs office frantic that I️ wouldn’t get to teach JA anymore since I️ was an employee, but she quickly reassured me that the opportunity would still be there. Now that I️ was in Fort Worth I️ had the chance to get in all kinds of schools, with students of all backgrounds and economic levels.

God bless all of you teachers out there, you truly are doing Gods work. You do not get enough praise or encouragement, not even close.

Junior Achievement is a K-12 youth development program that takes volunteers from the community, into the classroom, and bridges the gap between what’s being taught in classroom and how it’s applied in the workforce. If you or your company is interested in getting involved, I️ would love to put you in touch with someone. JA is nationwide, serving more than 4 million students in all 50 states, so there is likely an office near you.

For me, I️ do hope to get back into the classroom as a volunteer. JA gave me so much and investing in our youth through education is something I’ve always been passionate about. But this week is dedicated to family, and downtime, and these knuckleheads

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