11.22.17 Port Party Part Deux

Yesterday was more along the lines of the aforementioned port-a-potty rather than a port party but I’m hoping we’re in the clear now.

turns out, in true Sunny fashion, the tubing to my port was kinked and that was the source of the issues during infusion. also, in true Sunny fashion, I drove myself to this appointment assuming nothing major was going to take place and spent 2 hours waiting to come down off the local anesthetic because my legs were shaking uncontrollably. Don’t worry, they fed me pizza.

  • so they accessed me
  • took a chest x-ray
  • sliced open my incision
  • pulled out tubing
  • shortened i‎t
  • plugged i‎t back in
  • sewed me back up
  • accessed with one inch
  • great blood return

As my father in love would say, badabig badaboom. I️ have until December 1st before i‎t gets poked again for round 3 so plenty of time to heal up.

xt issue of concern is tegaderm. Minor skin reaction but just like everything else, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

6 thoughts on “11.22.17 Port Party Part Deux

  1. You poor thing! I hope now you will be through the worst of it with the port. Glad you didn’t have to have the whole thing switched out. Have you asked for the numbing cream to use for future accesses? It really does help.

    Now, about the Tegaderm reaction. It’s no fun, and I have an allergy to it myself. There are a few things you can try: 1. Ask to get some samples of hypoallergenic clear dressings and spot test on other body parts. Know that what may works now may not work down the line. I was doing just fine with the hypo Tegaderm for some recent surgeries but the last one in September I reacted…not fun. 2. Use skin prep to provide a barrier between the skin and the adhesive. Your mileage may vary with this one. 3. Skip the clear dressings completely and go for Mepore dressings. Soft and squishy and when I had to have them for several days at a time, there was no reaction at all.

    It’s worth your time to find a system that works. No one has time for itches and rashes, which can also be an entry way for bacteria. Yuck.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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