11.27.17 Wake Up, Sunny!

Here we go, time to get up and get focused on the agenda. Last few days before round 3 of radicava ridiculousness begins, before christmas chaos starts, and time to add purpose back into the routine.

I’m excited to share with you my “Sunny Do” list. Part of this transition has been to purposely focus on my marriage, my home, myself, and my plan for this next chapter. We learned from the 30 by 30 list that the plan has to be fluid and evolving. We also learned that the most insane blessings come when you least expect i‎t.

Kenneth and I have discussed, prayed, and laughed about the insane items God has placed on our hearts as priorities for this transition. Cannonball’n right out of our comfort zone, trusting God’s perfect timing and provisions for our life, and loving and learning from each and every person he brings into our lives.

I’m excited for the opportunity and to see what’s in store. I’ll get the list up soon!

Happy Monday!

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