11.29.17 Perfect Peyton Pictures Portray Productivity Plunders

Well, I hope Monday’s post was motivation for you because it was a swing and a miss for me. Turns out, I spent almost the entire month flying by the seat of my pants. My whole “schedule it for after Thanksgiving” plan worked until Monday when I woke up and realized I hadn’t written anything down.

Photo Credit: Tracy Cox

My feelings exactly. All day, literally ALL DAY, was wasted trying to get my email to sync to my calendar. Do you remember how pretty it was Monday? How perfect it would have been to spend the day outside with our sweet puppy? UGHHHHH! Kenneth had to drag me away from the computer because I refused to give in – Battle of the strongest wills.

Spent most of the day Tuesday getting the calendar to sync to my phone. Y’all my anxiety was through the roof, terrified that I was supposed to be somewhere or something wasn’t getting done. I’m a planner, I like having my schedule laid out so nothing gets overlooked, so not having it on the calendar meant it was all in my head ready to erupt. Anxiety overload. I stopped working so that I could live life and here I am glued to my computer.

Moral of this story: I’m the brat that has a yahoo email and was determined to use outlook. Next time, I will outsource this task to a higher power. Please don’t tell me how to do it now, I’m chalking this up as a win. All is right in my calendar world, and if you’ve given me dates to save for any reason please resend them!

Putting on pants and venturing out into the real world today. Story time at the library with the Princess Penny and her Mama, girls lunch date with my Toni, LOTS of errands and book club. Making up for being glued to the computer and loving on two of my favorite Mommies to be.

I’m going to have to learn to prioritize my schedule, and clearly it’s going to take everything I have to do it. Still working on the “Sunny Do” list, hope to have it out for you to start holding me accountable early next week. Maybe that’ll be one of the items: spend more time away from the computer/phone than with them. I’ve always had my schedule dictated by something else – work, extracurricular activities, appointments, etc. – and now it’s all me setting the pace.

Ready, set, go! Change is hard but my head is harder, my perfect email and calendar synchronization are proof of that.

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