Round 3, 5&6 and then some

Port life is a dream, round 3 is easy peasy lemon squeezey.

even Peyton says Boomshakalaka

Today was my 12 month visit for the PHENOTYPE, GENOTYPE, AND BIOMARKERS (PGB) IN ALS AND RELATED DISORDERS study at UTSW with Nina the Great. Good to catch up, got my blood on the second stick (after we shot the tube out once), and got all of my tinkle in the cup. I was supposed to do a skin fibro blast harvest at today’s appointment for another opportunity but my ambien fogged dream of Bruno singing that’s what i like on repeat was not a front row concert but rather my alarm. rescheduling soon.

i did get to stop and say hello to cousin Tyler Brous while raiding his snack drawer for reinforcements. last pit stop was to smooch on my sister Casey at Preston Center Pediatric Dentistry and ended up watching the goonies in the dentist chair.

Surprise teeth cleaning, boom!

Need stocking stuffers? PCPD has you covered:


8335 Westchester Drive Suite 152 Dallas TX 75225 US


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