Round 3, 3&4

Two more flawless infusions with nothing overly exciting to report, whoo hoo!

I found this fun little info graphic the other night while I was looking for something in my insurance app. Interesting article from The New York Times: A New Drug for A.L.S., but the Diagnosis Remains Dire states:

The Food and Drug Administration just approved a second drug, Radicava (edaravone), said to slow progression of the disease in a six-month study in Japan, though its effects on survival are not yet known. It must be administered intravenously for 10 days every two weeks at a cost of more than $145,000 a year for the medication alone.

Keep in mind, I didn’t start Radicava Ridiculousness until October so that cost above is more from my routine plan of attack on ALS. Thank goodness for insurance! We find ourselves saying that more often here lately.

So here we are, moving mountains, billing insurance for almost $200k, defying the statistics and living this life to the best of our ability. ALS sucks, but thankfully our insurance is there to pick up the tab.

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