1.18.18 You Were Always on my Mind

Do you ever wonder why certain people or memories cross your mind? Especially the really random occasions, surely it means something, right? I choose to believe those instances are intentional, not coincidence.

How often do you act on those memories? How encouraging is it when a blast from the past pops in to say hello? We live in such a fast paced, instant gratification world that taking the time to be intentional and present is no longer the norm. How often do we feel guilty, or bothersome, for acknowledging these gentle reminders of friendships past?

I confessed yesterday my awkward slump that I’ve found myself in lately. Thankfully God not only put me on someone’s mind who is in a position to get me out of said funk, but that person reached out, worked his magic, and I’m finally crossing off number 27 on the list – almost a year later.

Thank you, Adam, for this opportunity. Thank you for loving Kristi and creating a beautiful family that I’m grateful to know and love. We have no pictures together and this one is my favorite because all four of you are smiling. I cannot put into words how much this opportunity has boosted me mind, body, and soul. Thank you for thinking of me, for diligently working your magic, and for getting me out of this funk.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, eyeglasses

There isn’t much that shakes the funk off you like a long weekend with your childhood best friend. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she has two cute boys I’m looking forward to seeing, and the fact that she lives in Denver is the cherry on the sundae. Get ready for cuteness overload, the Morby’s are almost sweet enough to eat!
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, closeup

I challenge you to embrace those moments when God puts someone on your heart or mind, and let them know. As corny as it is, you never know how big of an impact your simple well wishes could have on someone else. Actions speak louder than words. Bless someone today, and everyday if you can help it, with your attention or intention. God called us to love one another, so let’s get to lovin’! See you soon, Denver!

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