5.11.18 Encouragement

I know it’s hard to complete the task at hand and even the smallest of executions require planning and peptalk. Y’all know I struggle to do the things I want to, “showing up” has additional weight that I’ve never carried before, and most of the time it comes down to mind over matter. Thankfully you guys push me to be better, encourage me to show up, invite me without hesitation, and love me through poor excuses and flakey delivery.

This is my Grandma Nancy and aside from being my only living grandparent, she is living her best life, celebrating 85 yesterday, and one of my greatest sources of encouragement. She is healthier than all of us, absolutely full of love and life, and gambles regularly.

She is the self proclaimed and uncontested “best pillow”. She speaks her mind and keeps all of us yahoos in check.

Encouragement is something that I am not lacking, and to you I say Thank You. There’s just something about calling your grandma for a 45 minute chat about everything and nothing that is good for the soul. And celebrating 85th birthdays with family and mexican food, we would all be so lucky to be living our best life at 85!

PS it’s clinic day! Kenneth and I will be posting and updating everyone for ALS Awareness Month with our favorites: The Fruge’s and The West’s!

my โ€œnancy kooziesโ€ from the amazing nancy fruge

PSS Don’t forget to autograph and send me your support letters for DC

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