5.24.18 Cousin Taylor

Meet my cousin, Taylor. He’s pretty great and is doing great things for lots of people. His brand, Surf & Turf Golf was recently featured in Fore Magazine – see the article here.

At a time when the game and its leadership seems opaquely caught between honoring traditions and finding ways to bring in new players, Surf & Turf’s genuine exuberance for bring people together through golf seems to come at an ideal time.” – Fore Magazine

Surf & Turf is part of everyone’s wardrobe thanks to Cousin Taylor.

Preceding the tournament, Surf & Turf announced its new Course to Cause for a Cause initiative, in which the company will now donate five percent of its online sales each month to a “Champion” in need of funds.” – Fore Magazine

SunnyStrong is excited to be the #CoursetoCoastforaCause for the month of May. Check Out Surf & Turf to get your hands on their latest hats and apparel while

contributing to SunnyStrong.

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