5.25.18 Saturday the 12th

Do you remember this cartoon?

Huckleberry Hound

My Brotherman showed his age during breakfast that morning and we all sang “Oh my Darlin” for the rest of the day. Best part of slumber parties at Wendy’s is breakfast. I took full advantage of a lazy Saturday before heading to Dublin for the wedding.

Doing life with my Hico girls is what keeps me sane. We have been through so much together, good and bad, through the years and we always celebrate the happy together and love hard on each other through the sad. Witnessing true love come together in marriage is beautiful, and it’s even better when it’s one of your most dearest friends.

My date was pretty cute, too! He’s the proud big brother of triplet boys and made sure everyone knew it. My Tonya and her husband Eric definitely have their hands full but it’s like they were made for this. I love watching them grow as a family and Aunt Sunny can never get enough smooches in on these boys.

In true Sunny fashion, I went from the wedding to Hico to grab Carlie then to Dallas for a power nap at Casey and Amanda’s new house. Lesson learned: 6AM flights after Hico weddings are tough.

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