12.30.20 Death Becomes Her

Easily one of my favorite movies, fyi. When I got my diagnosis, I was given lots of resources, people to meet, and decisions to make. The doctors, the ALS Texas staff, and loving friends made sure I was covered. Even after almost 6 years, it’s easy to get back to that overwhelmed state. One thing, … Continue reading 12.30.20 Death Becomes Her

6.16.20 Awareness Challenge Continued

I wouldn't be the Sunny you know and love if I wasn't late. I'm not even really sorry about it, it's just how it goes. Without further ado, here is the second half of my Awareness Month posts. May 20: This wasn't my finest moment May 21: Phil, my skinny crusader May 22: My pint … Continue reading 6.16.20 Awareness Challenge Continued

5.22.20 Perseverance

Last night's book club had every opportunity to flop, but we persevered. Technology issues, poor service, no FB live - everything happened. This group, these conversations are good for my soul. I promise that catching up on our previous meetings will enrich your life. Try it, listen while you're working or driving or showering - … Continue reading 5.22.20 Perseverance

5.19.20 Awareness Challenge

ALS Awareness Month has been amazing! 19 days of absolute awesomeness. We've had some pretty great events so far, and in case you've been living under a rock here's what's been going on with SunnyStrong: May 1: ☀️ I’m Sunny 5️⃣ I’ve been a PALS for 5 years 👢 I live in Hico, TX 💃🏻 … Continue reading 5.19.20 Awareness Challenge

5.7.20 Book 1 Virtual Book Club TONIGHT

Here's a sneak peek of tonight's author spotlight for our #TalkALSToMe Passion Project for ALS Awareness Month. I'm so excited to see this project take life. The stories and authors are adding strength to the fight against this disease. You're going to enjoy getting to know them and learning from their experiences. You're invited to … Continue reading 5.7.20 Book 1 Virtual Book Club TONIGHT

5.3.20 Awareness Affinity

It's gonna be Maaaaaaay! Well technically it already is May, but now we're all singing Justin Timberlake. SunnyStrong is in the business of raising awareness for ALS and by golly we're doing just that. I have to tell you how full my heart is from sharing the love and memories that are already pouring from … Continue reading 5.3.20 Awareness Affinity