1.19.19 Join Us?

Your Name: Nova Your Email: NGetz@ciscrp.org Event Website (if applicable): https://www.ciscrp.org/about-us/ Event Date and Location: Dear Sunny Strong, CISCRP is currently planning a half-day patient advisory board meeting in the Boston area in early February (2/6/2019 – 2/7/2019) to help inform the design of an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) clinical trial, and is actively seeking … Continue reading 1.19.19 Join Us?

1.17.19 Post-Symposium Fun

After the Symposium we were determined to adventure out and see everything we could of this city we had been in for almost a week. Monday morning we got up at found our way to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. All of the public sites in Glasgow were free to attend, so we loaded … Continue reading 1.17.19 Post-Symposium Fun

1.8.19 Top 8 of 2018

January 4th was my 2 year anniversary of blogging. I started this blog as an outlet, mostly entertaining and very little education, but it has blossomed into more than I could ever imagine. The opportunities, the doors that have opened, the friends made are just the beginning of my journey. In 2018 we had a … Continue reading 1.8.19 Top 8 of 2018

The ALS Game Board of Life

The ALS Game Board of Life  DECEMBER 11, 2018 BY DAGMAR MUNN IN COLUMNS, LIVING WELL WITH ALS - A COLUMN BY DAGMAR MUNN. I’ve always looked forward to December; it’s a month filled with decorations, holiday gifts, and happy social gatherings. But this month eight years ago, I was diagnosed with ALS, so December now marks a … Continue reading The ALS Game Board of Life

12.7.18 Spa Day

I really, really hope that the women have received their care packages otherwise I just totally ruined the surprise. Kenneth and I discussed what we wanted to do as Erasmus Family Monat to participate in Monat's Gratitude Week. In a perfect world, I'd deliver these "Spa Day" packages myself and help with the hair washing. Unfortunately, … Continue reading 12.7.18 Spa Day