5.23.18 Friday the 11th

Catching everyone up on one of the most impactful weeks of my life. It all started with a date with my husband to ALS Clinic with Dr. Heitzman and his team. Kenneth and I rarely have day dates, so this was a real treat. ALS is tough on all of us, but Kenneth gets the brunt of my attitude, helplessness, and frustrations. I’m thankful to do life with this man, he’s my best choice.


Clinic was great, my breathing up, my weight down which we’re working on stabilizing, and our favorite Wests and Fruges were there to cause trouble with us. We got LOTS of signatures for the Advocacy Conference, but I’ll tell you about those later this week.

I’ve developed this insane anxiety, it’s all consuming and exhausting. Pair that with all of the death surrounding me lately, and I’ve been a depressed wreck of a human being. Dr. Heitzman upped my anti-depressant (yipee) and wrote me a prescription for a weighted blanket. I’ve done a lot of research on these blankeys and I’m excited to try it, having a hard time justifying a $140 blanket though. It’ll work itself out, and hopefully help with my anxiety and depression.


From clinic I headed south to Waco to surprise my best friend at her playoff softball game. Three years ago during her playoff game for a different school she had her players wear purple ribbons for me and ALS awareness month. I’ve been trying to get her back since then.


If you haven’t figured out yet, almost every friend I have is a coach. Going to games and celebrating their hard work, dedication to success, and passion for their students is easily one of my favorite things to do. I call constant “dibs on the coach”. My girls took home some awesome hardware in their respective sports.

Ended the night with a last minute decision to slumber party at my sisters in Waco. Growing up, her house was always my away from reality hideout. The phone wasn’t for me, I didn’t have a schedule to uphold, and I could sleep as long and hard as I wanted to. Not much has changed except there are now cute teenagers living there that are good snugglers and fun to hang out with.


2 thoughts on “5.23.18 Friday the 11th

  1. Hi Sunny!

    So sorry to hear about the anxiety. It seems to come as part of the territory for those of us with neuromuscular disease. I have a lot of anxiety, too, especially at night. I recently began using CBD oil capsules made from hemp and to my great surprise I found that it helps. There are several good companies online. Let me know if you want any more information.



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