10.19.18 Oh Sweet Jesus, Who Gave That Woman an Amp?

Guess who was asked to speak during the opening ceremony of the walk?



We’re right at a week out from the Walk – are you ready for this Jelly? Team SunnyStrong is rock’n and roll’n – it’s going to be great! I’ll send out the agenda next week but plan to be there at 8:30AM on Saturday.


I will not have extras at the walk, so order now – do it now!

Also, don’t forget about the “Sunnyness” contest. The winner will get an awesome Cindy&Trina inspired prize – it will be coveted. Do not underestimate this greatness.

the yard

The After Party is confirmed with food truck – bring your puppies and let’s celebrate a wonderful Saturday together. Even if you can’t attend the walk, plan to join us for the After Party. It’s family friendly and open to everyone!



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