11.5.18 FW Walk Recap


Team SunnyStrong was powerful. This is most, had some come late and there in spirit but this was as good as group pics go. We took advantage of the stage, mainly since I was already on it. We raised $3955 and still going. I’m only $50 from my goal, so if you feel so inclined please donate to ME. The FW Walk is at $148k which is way a whole lotta cheddar towards the fight against ALS.

The walk was amazing. Me, well I’ve recovered. I fell, twice and I blame Jaci for both because I can – definitely not her fault but she can handle it. Cindy and Trina are officially balloon blower uppers and are for hire.

Kenneth and I survived speaking to the crowd, and Nancy the Great made sure I was clean.

The After Party was a hit, and there was some serious dancing being done. Our team is made up of crazies that love to move and shake, this is just one example:

I’m sure there are duplicates here, and some that I missed but this walk was my favorite yet. Thank you to everyone that came out, that donated, that sent their love from afar. I am blessed with the best, and Kenneth and I cannot express our love and appreciation for each of you. We are #SunnyStrong because you make us that way.

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congrats to Jennifer Casstevens on winning the very special sunflower afghan made by @cindysims61 🌻🌻🌻 @sunnystrongals is #jenstrong and we are supporting you in your fight against Ovarian Cancer 💪🏼💪🏼 you’re the REAL MVP!

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