11.14.16 PuraVida Bracelets

Do you need a new PuraVida ALS Awareness Bracelet? Previously we sold these as part of a partnership between the ALS Association and PuraVida. Since that partnership has dissolved, the proceeds will go towards SunnyStrong.

$5 for production & shipping  + $3 for SunnyStrong = $8 per bracelet

We will order in bulk of 100 bracelets, and I’ll place the order once we’ve sold 50 bracelets and ship to you as soon as they arrive. PuraVida requires 8-10 weeks for production. 

I wear my PuraVida bracelets every day and y’all have been sweet enough to send me pics of you in yours. Twice on Friday I was asked about my bracelets and embarrassingly I didn’t have on either of my ALS ones because they broke. Taking this as a sign that maybe we all need new ALS Awareness bracelets, myself included.

Also, if you use code: SunnyBrousErasmus20

You Save: 20% on the order

They Give: 10% to SunnyStrong

This does not apply to the ALS Awareness Bracelets but check out PuraVida for other awesome, handcrafted, charitable goodies

2 thoughts on “11.14.16 PuraVida Bracelets

  1. I am also a PuraVida brand rep!! I love them so much, not only because they’re cute but because they have ones that give back to organizations/causes, etc. Even if I wouldn’t wear certain bracelets, I still love buying them because I’m helping others!


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