1.9.18 Newton’s Third Law

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

When your best friend turns 30 AND completes her Masters degree, there is only one way to celebrate: Vegas. Jaci is the definition of hardwork, she completed her degree in 18 months, while changing school districts, teaching AND coaching full time, and while planning and getting married in Cancun, Mexico. She’s a badass and I’m so thankful that she’s mine.


Vegas was everything we wanted it to be. The best part was that for every negative or potential mishap, an even better opportunity presented itself for our group. This wasn’t the case 6 years ago when Jaci, Jarred, and I tried to go to Vegas together – we got as far as the airport then went home, thankfully with our luggage. It’s a great story, remind me to tell it to you sometime.


2013 – We ended up in NOLA

So for this post we’re going to look at the action as what happened beyond our control, and the reaction as how we profited from the situation. Sound good?


Action: “Winter weather, which is forecast to impact the Dallas/Fort Worth-area, may affect your upcoming travel on American Airlines.” – AA Email

Reaction: Flight change and extra night in Vegas



Action: No available rooms

Reaction: Slumber party with the newliest married couple


Action: Extra day in Vegas

Reaction: Efficient use of Garth the Scooter’s basket

Action: Extra day in Vegas

Reaction: Efficient use of Happy Hours

Action: Carlie getting feisty with the check-in person

Reaction: Upgrade to a suite with a step into the bathroom – ha!


Action: My need to use Garth the Scooter for getting around

Reaction: We walked right onto the High Roller

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Action: We have to eat

Reaction: We ate very, very well – I don’t even have the best pictures, I highly recommend Hash House A Go Go and Off the Strip at the Linq 

Action: Garth the Scooter has to be charged

Reaction: Jarred and Brennan pushed us – Garth and myself – back to our hotel, across the street where Jarred and Carlie almost fought a taxi driver, popping a wheelie at an intersection stopping all of traffic, and causing all of us to be thankful for good looking, strong, amazing guys in our group.

Action: We had first timers on the trip

Reaction: We did LOTS of sightseeing, touristy stuff and the girls ziplined Freemont Street

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Action: Us girls are more fun than the boys

Reaction: Drag Brunch with Bottomless Mimosas at Senor Frogs

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Action: Sunny knows everyone

Reaction: Sunny loves Matt – and found him in Vegas!


Action: Airline lost Garth the Scooter on our flight home

Reaction: While waiting for the courier to deliver it, I got these sweet snuggles

Overall it was a wonderful trip. Everyone won something, but me, and we had a lot of laughs, and fun memories made. I love that my best friends married wonderful people, and our group is more fun because of all the love between each of us. Dana, Jarred, Jaci, Brennan – I’m so thankful that you found each other and that you’re mine to love on.


And last but definitely not least, a HUGE thank you to this gorgeous sister of mine. ALS sucks, but I’m thankful she loves and cares for me anyway. From Scotland to Vegas to Washington DC to Hico, she keeps me upright, put together, and on time. I love you my Carlie.



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