1.17.19 Post-Symposium Fun

After the Symposium we were determined to adventure out and see everything we could of this city we had been in for almost a week. Monday morning we got up at found our way to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. All of the public sites in Glasgow were free to attend, so we loaded our two days of freedom with interesting and educational adventures.

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The coolest thing we got to see was a man playing the large organ from the pictures above. Our grandfather, Michie Brous, was a amazing organist/pianist and I wouldn’t do him justice to guess at his accolades. Carlie and I agreed that we felt like Papa was hugging us from Heaven while we were listening to this man play.

We found a Brewpub for lunch and wound our way around the University of Glasgow, and Alma mater of our new friend Morag Virgo. You can see from the pictures that we finally found some sunshine – did you know it rains in Scotland?

Easily my favorite meal of the trip was at Stack & Still. Oh My Nutella Heaven, Batman!

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Tuesday we explored the Riverside Museum of Transport and Technology. This museum was interactive and very interesting. Planes, trains, and automobiles doesn’t even touch the history and contents of this tourist spot. We spent a lot of the afternoon there exploring and learning about transportation from around the world.

Our trip concluded with everyone’s favorite combination: Whiskey and Chocolate. The Clydeside Distillery was an awesome tour. Lucky for me Carlie didn’t finish her chocolate or her whiskey – winning! We learned all about how they make it, the different processes involved in different kinds of whiskey, and that they get all of their water from this one, very specific place. Side note: the tap water in Scotland was better than the bottled water.

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We thoroughly enjoyed investigating this beautiful city. I would recommend Glasgow to anyone who is interested in traveling to the UK. We were pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the people, the accessibility of the entire city, and overall how safe we felt each time we ventured out of the hotel.

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