2.13.19 I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 32

Monday, February 4th was my 32nd birthday. Like any mature, fun-loving adult we had a theme: Rhinestone Cowboy. It was awesome.


Of course we had Mexican food and margaritas – Los Vaqueros is wonderful. The party started Saturday with all of us going to our annual family trip to the rodeo for corn dogs.

I really, really, really like corndogs. And the rodeo. And cold beer. And corndogs. We had fun, we always have fun. We did dinner afterwards and continued the festivities. Sunday was the most boring Super Bowl in the history of ever BUT we had some big winners on the squares board and I got cookie cake. Drunkle Sam and Naomi had us over to hang out and eat pizza, the game stunk but the company was wonderful.

Monday started with Brother Brous and I going to the rodeo – listen, those corndogs aren’t going to eat themselves. I enjoy any chance I get to hang with him by myself and I took full advantage of his chauffeuring skills.

I don’t know why Rhinestone Cowboy was the theme of the birthday party, other than something random Brother Brous and I cooked up together. Who knows. I do know that LOTS of planning, shopping, and strategic coordination went into my party suit:


Yes, that it Phil as a stick horse. Turning 32 was awesome! I cannot say thank you enough for the calls, texts, posts, wonderfully embarrassing pics, hugs, flowers, and love. This life with each and everyone of you is so much fun. Thank you for making my birthday perfect.

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