2.22.19 Dr. Sunny Einstein

For those of you who are new to this party, it’s important that you know: I, Sunny Brous Erasmus like to go. Go everywhere, talk to everyone, eat everything.

cute birthday bag from my tribe that describes me perfectly

It takes a lot more prep work and planning nowadays to get me out the door for a trip, but my motivation kicks into high gear for trips of any size or purpose. Next week has major opportunities for SunnyStrong, for ALS awareness and advocacy so motivation towards preparedness is in high gear. I’m learning, slowly, that energy plus efficiency equals exhaustion level, where energy represents the output of “Sunnyness” in the situation and efficiency represents the completion of all tasks leading up to, duration of, and after the event.

For example: Tuesday I had the opportunity to work the State of the City luncheon with VisionFW. Easily one of my favorite Chamber events and always a fun chance to see people from the community that I don’t see as often now that I’m not working. The energy level for this outing was more than quadrupled because of the heightened anticipation for the event, which on its own was enough to wear me out. Add in the additional effort of getting dressed up, walking and talking, and being conscientious of remaining upright, without lipstick on my teeth, and my dress not tucked into my underwear. I did my best to conserve energy wherever I could: I took Lyft so I didn’t have to mess with parking or driving in the rain, I had my earrings in my pocket so I could get someone else to put them on for me and completely forgot about them, my friend Liz cut my food and buttered my rolls (yes, plural), and many sweet and good looking men offered to escort, open doors, and catch the elevator for me – all things that add positive energy back into the equation. Exhaustion level was very high at the end of the day and my husband didn’t argue once over an early bedtime.

Knowing that next week is going to be all Energy and Exhaustion with very little time for recovery, I used yesterday as my “down day”. If I’d been wearing my Apple watch I can almost guarantee I took less than 50 steps, all day. In order to get the most out of my down day, I spent Wednesday wearing myself out. I got my nails done, which may sound relaxing and for the most part is but all of the muscles in my hands are completely useless after a trip to the nail salon. Then I went to see Dr. Lester and get all of my crack-a-lackin in so that my body is in its best alignment to take on Capitol Hill. I learned early into diagnosis, unfortunately, that massages wear me out completely so I cannot get them as frequently as I used to, BUT when the goal is complete and total exhaustion then a massage becomes high priority. Jordan is the bomb dot com, go see her. Hurry.

on a beach far, far away

Mission accomplished: I slept all day yesterday, it was wonderful. As for DC next week, I have little control over the energy needed to be present, effective, and “Sunny” each day. I do, however, have control over increasing my efficiency as to decrease exhaustion. Insert: Kacy Nicole Railsback Moses, personal caregiver to my insanity for one whole week!

It’s so much more fun having someone else do hair and makeup for you, and the bonus is that Kacy’s pretty stink’n good at it. Also in the fight against exhaustion is Spark and Rehydrate from Advocare. Electrolytes by the gallon are my super fuel, two scoops of each in a shaker bottle or Smart Water and I’m ready to be all the “Sunny” you can tolerate.

So get your self ready for next week. Kacy and I appreciate prayers for safety and all the love you can spare. If you’re willing to do so, please take a moment and sign the following petitions for change:

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