3.7.19 Scooter Gang

Washington DC is very accessible so we took advantage of the sunshine and the sights. This was Kacy’s first trip to DC, and my first was fast and furious, so this was a chance for both of us to tour our Nation’s Capital. They had these scooters for rent everywhere in downtown so of course we raced, and thankfully came home with all of our teeth.

The museums are free to explore so we saw as many as we could during the week.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

National Portrait Gallery – and before you freak out, yes they allow pictures of the paintings.

Lincoln Memorial


Korean War Veterans Memorial


Washington Monument

And in true Sunny fashion, Kacy mapped out our route to the White House and for some reason followed me to the Capitol which was in the opposite direction and where we had already been. We didn’t get to see the White House but it’s first on our list for the return trip. I was so certain we were going to the right place, she was less than amused.


Best of all: DC  HAS DR. PEPPER!!

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