5.3.19 Grand Unveiling

Last night was amazing! HUGE thank you to everyone that came out, that joined us virtually, and for all of the love and support.

I finally got to take my Courtney Patton face shirt to a Courtney Patton show! She absolutely rocked it and her sweet husband Jason Eady was a fun surprise.

I love every chance that I get to be home and love on my hometown.

We stayed late and had a table jam session. Hopefully you can’t hear me singing in the background.

Also, my sisters are pretty much my favorite people ever.

Here is the amazing painting from Linda that we are raffling throughout the month. Tickets can be purchased at Flacas or online, drawing will take place at the Texas Steak Cookoff on Saturday, May 18th. Be sure to listen to Bobby Kerr’s poem in the first video. We are so blessed with the best support system and love while fighting this disease.

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