7.24.19 Independence

One major struggle with my ALS symptoms is my loss of independence. For the most part my home is set up so that I can get up, down and around by myself. I’m surrounded by amazing, supportive friends and family that step in and help no matter what chaos I drop into their lives.

I planned a four day getaway with Baloo to go visit our favorite redheads in College Station. We made it to Waco then boom went my engine, stranding us on the side of the road. Thankfully my super hero Brotherman came to the rescue and rushed us safely to my sister’s mothering care. For the record, I’m fully aware that you’re not supposed to sit in the vehicle on the side of the road BUT I kept getting the giggles at the thought of me laying tits-up in the bar ditch upon my Brotherman’s arrival. Funny, huh?

The real MVP in this story is my wonderful, hardworking, handsome, buff, and loving Service Advisor at Volkswagen Autobahn. My world would not go ’round without him. PS he is a double agent – my husband! He coordinated the whole rescue mission, loaner car, repair work, and two days later we were back on the road to College Station.

Our four day trip turned into a week and a half of slumber parties, lots and lots of ice cream, and good laughs. Car is fixed, I worked on my tan, Garth the Scooter got his first outing, Baloo and Phil were held hostage and voted “Team Player” for their endurance, and my Service Advisor still loves me.

Though my independence is fleeting, my support system has never been stronger. I’m thankful they love me all my crazy.

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