10.31.19 Temporary?


12 days later, I’m starting to think these temporary tattoos aren’t so temporary – ooops! This is my souvenir from the FW ALS Walk on Saturday, Oct 19th. Cindy the great out did herself once again with team spirit and getting everyone decked out. Huge “Thank You” to Dan and Susan at PuckettPro for getting us shirts for the event. You’ll see in the pics below that all of our babies were reppin’ SunnyStrong, Sister Carlie got them all taken care of. Hico’s favorite Photographer and mine, Chester Reynolds, documented the entire morning and as soon as those photos are published I’ll send out the link. And always, thank you to the ALS Texas team for EVERYTHING – literally.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The after-party was a hit. If you haven’t been to Concrete Cowboy in FW do so now – and get the Fruity Pebble French Toast, trust me!

If you ordered a shirt and haven’t gotten it yet, I promise to have those in the mail this week. I’m playing catch up – as always – and will get them in your hands very soon.

Nothing really to report in this video other than the fact that I, Sunny Brous Erasmus, was early to an event and that monumentous accomplishment is worth documenting.


I cannot thank y’all enough for loving me through this disease, for showing up every year to walk, for checking on me regularly, for staying present and continuing to support all of my shenanigans. I love each of you more than Dr. Pepper, more than the un-temporary-ness of this tattoo. I love you.

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