12.3.19 Cheaters for Everyone

Well, it happened. I’m not proud of it, still embarrassed of it, and it’s shadowing my every move. I have been scarred forever. It was awful. It was hysterical. It happened.

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Behemoth. This fine piece of machinery is as powerful as it is monstrous. We decided to leave Garth the Scooter at home and rent a scooter on the Australian side of the trip. Price was right, plug is correct, and the company is local and ready to save me if necessary. Behemoth is bigger than you can imagine. It’s a show stopper and now Bronson calls it “Shop Wrecker”.

I swear I didn’t mean to hit it. I blame Bronson for not rescuing me when I cried out for help. I hit the glasses stand, hard. Glasses went everywhere. I was mortified. The store lady said “Thank you, we were wanting to get rid of that stand anyway.” My life flashed before my eyes and I just knew I’d just bought 100 pairs of cheaters glasses. I was already planning an Oprah style giveaway – You get glasses! And you get glasses! Everyone gets glasses!

Thankfully, we escaped without cost and I spent the rest of our explorations outside of stores and away from small children. I’m a horrible driver, we all know it, and Behemoth is no help to that fact.

Our brains can’t rationalize Christmas when the weather is so beautiful. It definitely isn’t any December we’ve ever experienced. The weather is Perthect!!

As always, I LOVE having a hair and makeup team. It’s fun to be made up and feel more like myself, big pouf and hot pink lipstick and all. My interview with ALSA for Giving Tuesday is available here.

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