2.11.20 Wine Not?

“Give me the reigns and let me run, ‘Cause I ain’t never had to much fun”

This weekend away to Fredericksburg with these knuckleheads was good for the soul. Thankfully, we’re all still able to laugh and joke with each other because there is no mercy amongst this bunch. Airbnb booked, Wine Shuttle secured and we all met in the Hill Country to escape reality for a few days. Excitingly, everyone had different talents they brought to the weekend to keep our “Team” moving forward.

Saturday was gorgeous. Jaci cooked everyone breakfast casserole, hair and makeup was a team effort, and after a thorough lesson in Snapchat for Lance we were headed out the door. Our plan was to get out to the wineries at 11, walked out the door at 12:45 and realized we locked the keys in the car. Thank goodness for Michelle, and AAA, and Michelle’s AAA.

Getting Garth on and off the shuttle made us thankful for good looking boys. Also, we made new friends at each pickup spot and later realized we made it home with wine glasses from a winery we didn’t visit. Dana taught us how true wine tasting aficionados do it. Collin auditioned for a job as a tour guide for the wine shuttle. As a Team, we got a new pair of sunglasses from the dinner restaurant to share. Michelle almost got into a strangers car, not like an Uber stranger, like an actual stranger. Jaci stepped up everyone’s “silly pic” game.

We decided to try something very German for dinner and Auslander did not disappoint. Phil decided he wasn’t hungry so Lancer helped him escape via the Uber driver – that was a funny phone call to make.

We spent hours solving all of the world’s problems in the hot tub and the icing on the cake was giving everyone a lesson in gravity. The weekend was perfect. My body is thankful that birthday week is over. 33 is going to be my best year yet.

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