3.18.20 Wild Animals

Did you know that March 12th is celebrated as the birthday of Girl Scouts? 2020 marks the 108th birthday of this wonderful organization that played a significant role in my childhood. Also, I was awarded this fun honor a few years ago from the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains.

Woman of Distinction – June 2016

Why am I telling you this fun fact? Because it leads to a bigger, better story of course! I have many, many fun stories from my days as a Girl Scout and just about all of them involve my BFF Tonya Maree Kash Stone, Wonder Mother Extraordinaire.

headed to camp – circa mid to late 90s

Tonya has superhuman powers. There is a very special place reserved for her in Heaven. She not only takes on the duties of a nurse, wife, daughter, sister, etc. she does it all while raising 2 year old triplet boys and a funny 5 year old cowboy. Yes, you read that correctly – 4 boys. And they are ALL boy: loud, busy, dirty, pickle loving, and rowdy boys.

So before all this coronavirus craziness, Tonya the Supermom invited me to join her and her good looking crew for a morning drive through Fossil Rim on what we learned was Girl Scouts birthday. This was particularly funny to me for many reasons, but for the sake of your attention span I’ll narrow it down to:

  1. I am zero help in any situation, especially one involving 4 boys and wild animals
  2. My last visit to Fossil Rim included Tonya (circa 97ish) with our Girl Scout troop
  3. The last time I was at Fossil Rim we attended a behind the scenes tour that ended with a few of us getting peed on by a rhinoceros – like soaked, head to toe, dripping in rhino urine

Know how I know God has a sense of humor? Y’all we laughed and laughed about our Girl Scout days, about our multiple failed attempts to get me into Tonya’s Tahoe, and how funny her boys are together. Twice she locked me in the car with just the triplets and I had to take a nap that afternoon. Two year olds in any quantity are BUSY.

If you’re local and itching to get out of the house, as of today Fossil Rim is still open. Chalk it up to educational adventures while social distancing yourself from others. The animal feed also doubles as a snack apparently.

It’s times like this, amidst utter chaos, that it’s important to be grateful for the blessings around us. The Girl Scout pledge is applicable as much today as it ever was, and just incase you don’t have it memorized:

On my honor, I will try:

To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout law

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