4.21.20 Pursuit of Happiness From Heels to Wheels

I knew from the moment I saw this book on Instagram that it was going to be great. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but hot damn Mayuri is gorgeous so if ever there was an exception, this is it. Had I known how close to home this book was going to hit, I may have slowed down a smidge but it gave me a chance to read it again.

Could you use focus? Lost the freedom of a life of choices? Found yourself feeling less than full? Less than whole? Glad it’s not just me.

Can you relate to the realization in the above quote from Mayuri? Have you had that ah-ha moment that set you down a new path? Has anyone ever mastered the optical illusion picture more beautifully?

I could go through this book, line by inspiring line, and discuss how perfectly Mayuri’s words parallel my own experiences. Passion for travel? Yep! Horrifically embarrassing public humiliation? That’s me! Falling in love? Check! Falling out of love? Yep. We’re sisters at heart, and this book has helped me process feelings much like a conversation with your sister might.

Read it, tell your friends to read it, and join us during the week of May 11th to meet Mayuri and discuss her story. More info to come.

Buy your copy of Pursuit of Happiness From Heels to Wheels here.

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