4.22.20 Dance Me To The End

I’m not crying, it’s allergies, you’re crying, pass me the ice cream. Yes, more ice cream. ALS just really, really sucks.

Book 3 for our Talk ALS To Me virtual book club is “Dance Me To The End: Ten Months and Ten Days With ALS” by Alison Acheson. We get a personal look into the lives of this family as they take this disease from diagnosis to death and beyond. Get ready to fight alongside Alison as she processes the progression from every role imaginable: wife, mother, caregiver, teammate, and beyond.

It’s important to keep the reality of this disease at the forefront of our efforts. Thankfully for our hearts and emotions, we’re choosing to focus on the brighter parts of this community, bounded by disease, so that we can continue to increase awareness. I truly hope you see the love and power of working together to build a life and a marriage that is carried throughout this book.

Ain’t that the truth? I can’t wait to hear your reviews and takeaways from this book. Join us during the week of May 18th to meet the author and learn how Marty’s spirit lives on. More info to come. Buy your copy of Dance Me to the End here.

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