5.19.20 Awareness Challenge

ALS Awareness Month has been amazing! 19 days of absolute awesomeness. We’ve had some pretty great events so far, and in case you’ve been living under a rock here’s what’s been going on with SunnyStrong:

May 1: ☀️ I’m Sunny

5️⃣ I’ve been a PALS for 5 years

👢 I live in Hico, TX

💃🏻 I’m 33

🐶😻 I’m a dog and cat mama (baloo&ian)

🛏 I’m retired from fundraising 🌻 I love sunflowers, dr pepper and tito’s vodka

May 2: 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have limb onset, sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ⚾️ in 2013, i was playing softball and couldn’t close my glove like normal – in 2017 i got to throw out the first pitch with ALS Texas at a Rangers vs. Red Sox game

May 3: 📅 it took 18 months for me to get diagnosed with ALS

May 4: 🤕 the thing i remember the most about finally receiving my diagnosis was feeling relieved that we had an answer, finally.

May 5: 🇦🇺 we proudly rep’d ALS Texas in Perth, Australia at the 30th Annual ALS/MND Symposium because #alstexas takes care of me: mind, body and soul 🥰

May 6: 🥰 if you’re reading this, you’ve inspired my journey

May 7: 👨🏼‍⚕️ i should be at #alsclinic today and i HATE covid for taking that opportunity away 😩 i love clinic days, i love seeing my multidisciplinary team, i love loving on pALS, and i love my neurologist Dr. Heitzman 🥰🥰 check out my clinic blog posts at http://www.sunnystrong.com

Also, we had our very first #TalkALSToMe book club meeting

May 8: 💉 round 34 of #radicavaridiculousness is done ✅ i’ve participated in 1 drug trial for Rasagaline and many, many other research studies – if my journey can help someone else, especially research wise, then count me in 👍🏼

May 9: 🗣 shoutout to my girl, new friend, and this week’s Passion Project Author Spotlight: Mayuri Saxena

May 10: too many to mention BUT there’s a resource for that: https://iamals.org/discover-community-resources/

May 11: 🗣 This is Garth and he goes on many adventures.

May 12: 🗣 Meet my equipment guy, Tom.⠀

May 13: 🗣 Being alive to see these babies and others grow up to live full lives. #auntsunny⠀

May 14: 🗣 Apparently having ALS makes you a good writer. Click here for the link to a book list from the ALS community

Also, we had our second #TalkALSToMe book club meeting

May 15: 🗣 Hands down, the most difficult part of my day is putting on a bra. ⠀

May 16: 🌻 i will always, always be thankful for the support of my people – especially when i ask them to show up for a pretend #walktodefeatals

SunnyStrong shirts are available in the store

May 17: 🗒 my bucket list is always evolving, and my #30by30 list is what got the SunnyStrong blog up and going 🥰 i’d be willing to bet that some of the things on the list will surprise you

May 18: 🗣 lucky for me, if you’re within arms reach you are a caregiver 😍

May 19: 🗣 No Apologies. No Excuses. No Regrets.

Click here to hear my interview on the podcast “I’m Dying to Tell You”.

Join us Thursday for book 3 of our Passion Project!

We have a whole lotta month left! How are you spreading awareness for ALS? Share your story with us! Share my story with everyone you can.

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