11.2.21 Team SunnyStrong 2021

Saturday was the best day in the history of ever. Y’all showed up in the greatest way and kept Hico in the spotlight. We started the day with the ALS Texas Opening Ceremony which can be viewed here

Then the Mayor of Hico started off the walk with a shotgun start.

Last year we glazed over the actual walk part and it felt like we were missing something. Cindy went above and beyond, per usual, to make this year’s walk perfect. Sara chalked the retaining wall with sunflowers and it was beautiful. As we walked by it, everyone had the chance to add their touch and collect a SunnyStrong rock.

Following the walk we had all the dancing.

Ruth with Trinity Massage Therapy gave relaxing massages all day

Cindy the Great made sure there were plenty of games and that the Pop Up shop was successful.

Congrats to Wendy and Trina for winning the Jenga game that was donated by Sloan Brands
Congrats to Monie for guessing the closest number of M&Ms
JimBob ran the Pop Up shop and it was perfect

Prior to Saturday, we had the opportunity to raffle off some great prizes thanks to some wonderful donors.

Congrats to Merlee for winning the World’s BEST truffles donated by Wiseman House Chocolates
Congrats to Gamby for winning the Tarleton State cornhole boards donated by Jay Dubs Stuff, Hartgraves, Elrod, and Brister
This is Heather, she was diagnosed in May, and she came to walk with us in Hico. THIS is why we do everything that we do: for this connection, for this community, for this support.

We raised money and awareness for ALS in my favorite town, while having fun and enjoying the beautiful day. Hico always shows up and loves hard. I cannot say Thank You enough to everyone that made this year’s walk amazing. Mah, Cindy, and JimBob – y’all make my life brighter in every possible way. To the Girls at Flacas: y’all make every single thing better and better.

Keep in mind that Christmas is coming! Lots of great gift ideas from our supporters.

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