2.12.22 Birthday

Birthday’s are the best. I’ve always enjoyed planning and gathering family and friends to celebrate each year. This year my big plan was to congregate the masses for my diagnosis day on 1.20.22 and go more low key for my birthday. God had other plans for both events.

The week of my diagnosis day I tested positive for covid. I just knew that if I ever got it, I’d be so well rested and well read – neither of which happened. It was a super mild case and for that I’m most thankful but the lethargy and brain fog kicked my tail. I had every intention of sharing my story while encouraging y’all to do an act of kindness in your regular routine. Instead I spent the day worn out, unshowered, in a zombie like state. Glad to have that experience behind me.

Since we were all going to collectively enhance our communities for diagnosis day, I could easily slip away for my birthday. Actually, a few people were concerned that they’d been forgotten from the festivities. I purposely kept the plan close so that nothing could go wrong. Of course, you can always count on the weather to wreck best laid plans.

Our original plan was to attend Multidisciplinary clinic then fly out that afternoon. Thanks again to covid, clinic was canceled which allowed for us to book an earlier outbound flight. As the snow and ice moved in to wreck havoc on our plans my determination to get away burned brighter than the sun. In all my years of friendship with Lance, not once have I had to worry about a single thing because he has us both covered. I tease him a lot but thankfully he bottled up all that worry and got us safely to Southlake for the night. 430 alarm, no breakfast options at the airport, 4 hours of delays, a new captain and frazzled flight attendant later this is the only picture I have of the two of us from the trip.

we’re finally Ted Cruz’n out of this Texas snow! happy 35 to me ✌🏼☀️🥳

Cancun has always been one of my favorite destinations. It’s a 2 hour flight and with budget friendly accommodations we were going to have a great sun filled weekend. I learned my lesson this trip about accommodations being a need more than a want. From our transfer van, to our room’s bathroom, to the pool this was the first trip that took away all of my remaining independence. Y’all know I’m pretty cavalier about my limitations and confident that I can do anything once, but this trip put me in my disabled place. I take full responsibility for not better researching the accessibility and spent this week fully in recovery mode. Hear me loud and proud: Lance is a saint.

I can’t wait to get back to the sunshine and ocean, it’s truly my happy place.

“Sometimes I think, this is it, this is the last year I’ll be alive, I’ve outlived ALS for seven years, I can’t possibly last any longer, and other times I am convinced I’ve got another seven years of this and I need to buckle the fuck up.” @angeepansee
Thank you for the calls, texts, messages, VODKA, and for all the birthday love! 🥂🥂 Cheers to 34 and buckling the fuck up 🥂 🥂

I posted that last year after my sequin shebang and I’ll be completely honest: no part of me buckled anything up last year. I’ve accepted it and have made many adjustments to make this year better, starting with acknowledging limitations and embracing transparency. My motto for this year has been on my heart for a while and keeps showing up as little reminders.

So cheers to 35, to more sunshiny vacations, and to being the person I needed when I was diagnosed. Thank you for the calls, memories, texts, pictures and love to carry me through another year. I’m very thankful that y’all are mine.

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