10.24.18 Wed-Nes-YAAAAY

Tuesday was so good I had to raise my personal fundraising goal to $1750 AND WE'RE ALMOST THERE! Please consider making a donation by clicking here. Ok, enough about me. Team SunnyStrong is legit killing it. Saturday is going to be awesome, we're going to cause a ruckus and take a stand against ALS. Here … Continue reading 10.24.18 Wed-Nes-YAAAAY

10.19.18 Oh Sweet Jesus, Who Gave That Woman an Amp?

Guess who was asked to speak during the opening ceremony of the walk? ME! We're right at a week out from the Walk - are you ready for this Jelly? Team SunnyStrong is rock'n and roll'n - it's going to be great! I'll send out the agenda next week but plan to be there at … Continue reading 10.19.18 Oh Sweet Jesus, Who Gave That Woman an Amp?

10.16.18 Flat Sunny

Need a Flat Sunny? Need some ALS "Fun Facts" for your marketing? While we don’t know the specific cause of ALS, there are two categories for the ways people develop ALS: sporadic and familial. Sporadic ALS occurs in patients who have no family history of the disease. Sporadic ALS is the most common form of the … Continue reading 10.16.18 Flat Sunny

10.15.18 Team SunnyStrong Wants You!

We are just two weeks from the Fort Worth Walk to Defeat ALS.  If you haven’t done so already, please add October 27th to your calendar and join us for the walk – either in person or as a virtual walker. Click here to register. Click here to order your SunnyStrong shirt(s). Click here to … Continue reading 10.15.18 Team SunnyStrong Wants You!

10.4.18 Radicava-aversary

One year ago today I started on my journey with Radicava Ridiculousness.   It's been a hell of a year, port placement - my first surgery - and two followup procedures to keep it working properly, a fun stay in the Baton Rouge emergency room - sarcasm - and lots of trips and new caregivers … Continue reading 10.4.18 Radicava-aversary

10.3.18 Let’s Get Social

https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FALSTexas%2Fvideos%2F238135096878184%2F&show_text=0&width=560   Now that you've read about the walk , blocked October 27th on your calendar, and joined Team SunnyStrong, now it's time to get social! See the video above for instructions on how to link your personal fundraising page with FB. Not on FB? Share your personal fundraising page by clicking the Send Email link … Continue reading 10.3.18 Let’s Get Social