1.30.18 Three is my Favorite Numba

Yesterday was a big day for a couple of reasons:

1. Round 5 of Radicava Ridiculousness is rockin right along – 4 days down, zero excitement to report.

2. It’s officially my last week of Short Term Disability and I celebrated by sleeping until 2PM – homegirl was sleepy.

3. Our house is finally getting worked on which means we’re that much closer to sanity, and yes, I slept through it.

4. Y’all sold out Super Bowl Squares board number 2, hooray! Board 3 is up – $10 per square, 2 square minimum – let’s sell it out, hurry! Tell a friend!

Thanks for celebrating with us! Turning 31 on Super Bowl Sunday is going to be exciting!

5. January is coming to a close, 2018 is working out to be a fun year of firsts, and SunnyStrong has some awesome things in store for all of our favorite knuckleheads!

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