2.1.18 New Year

Starting 2018 on January 1 is like starting a diet on Monday – likely to fail and way too much pressure. So now that we’ve had a month of scratching out the ‘7’ on our dates and correcting to ‘8’ it’s time to really get 2018 going.


We learned a lot in 2017: bought a house,started a new drug, traveled, threw out the first pitch at the Rangers Game, brought Phil on board, flipped my scooter – twice, got a port – then got it fixed, lost a sweet soul, and the list goes on and on and on. Thank you for being a part of it, for loving and supporting us, and for sharing out laughs and tears as we navigate this disease together.

So what does 2018 have in store for SunnyStrong? Hopefully a balance of life and rest – but surely by now you know better than that. Plans to get us filed as a charitable foundation are in the works – charitable to whom; what should be our focus? Weddings galore – Kenneth and I are excited to celebrate! Turning 31 on Super Bowl Sunday – how nice of the NFL and Justin Timberlake to throw a party for me 🙂 Another fun year of marriage, loving on those around us, giving ALS a run for it’s money, settling into our roles as “Uncle Kenneth” and “Aunt Sunny”. Maybe I’ll get ordained? Maybe I’ll find a new hobby in my new found free time? The possibilities are endless!

So cheers to 2018! Glad you’re on board for the January “Soft Opening” and February kickoff. Go get’em, Tiger! I’m calling it today, right here, right now: 2018 is going to be EPIC.

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