2.4.18 Whoa

Whoa, you guys are insane! Kenneth and I discussed doing a Super Bowl Squares board since my 31st birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday with the expectation of it not selling out. You guys exceeded our expectations, three times, and as a result $1500 is going to SunnyStrong. We can’t wait to see who the quarter winners are for each board!

Y’all know I love birthdays and celebrating, especially celebrating my birthday, so the change from a traditional party to a charitable endeavor was a major trial for me – thanks for making sure it was a successful one! I told you the other day that I know without a doubt that 2018 is going to be epic, and y’all confirmed the first step in that direction with this fun collaboration.

If you ordered shirts, I’ll get them pulled and in the mail this week. We’re brainstorming a spring SunnyStrong event and details and new shirts will be available for ordering soon. If you have any ideas or suggestions please send them our way – we’re pretty much game for anything that allows us to love on y’all and spend time together. Since I only get to turn 31 once, I’m thankful do it up big raising $3000, giving ALS a run for it’s money, and sharing this beautiful life with each of you!

Happy “Sunny’s Birthday” to You!

Board 1 Complete

Board 2 Complete

Board 3 Complete

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