2.8.18 My Village

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

I have been blessed with an elaborate, intricate circle of family and friends that would take years to decipher and discuss. All of these blessings, memories, and relationships collide one day a year, on my birthday, and it’s insane to physically see and feel all of the love – My cup truly runneth over. Thanks to the modern age of social media, cell phones, and calendar reminders we are able to remain connected and involved in each others lives and I thank you for remaining part of my village. We share a story together, and I’m a better person for it.

It was a wonderful birthday, much lower key than my norm, and I was blessed with hundreds of  well wishes, encouragements, calls, funny memories, hugs, and even some beautiful singing. 100% Spoiled rotten. We had some winners on the Super Bowl Squares, I was surprised at class with this adorable cupcake cake of Baloo, and spent the evening with friends I consider family and my favorite drink – VODKA! It was a great day.

31, so far, has been eventful. Baloo and I slept almost all day Monday and got up just in time to catch Uncle Bronson before he closed up shop -if you need a chiropractor, go see Dr. Lester.

Tuesday we got up “early” (11:45 AM) and headed to Soleo to get accessed and finish out Round 6 of Radicava Ridiculousness. We’re trying a new dressing that is so fashionable I can barely stand it BUT hopefully I won’t have the reaction this time. Landed on my butt when I left, balance is a tricky thing, especially when you’re good and chiropractor sore.

Wednesday I had a hot date with Cunkle Sam (Cousin/Uncle) and we totally nerded out over Brous family pictures, we both love love that stuff. So cool to see so much of your family’s history in photo form. Excited to work on that project with him. Landed on my butt, again, in the restaurant parking lot this time completely embarrassing myself. Going to be super sore very soon. Maybe I’ll remember how to remain upright before my next birthday, until then we’re thankful for the minor falls – no more broken noses please and thank you – and ibuprofen!

Thank you for being part of my village!


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