7.3.18 Round 10 – Done!

hico babies

I love that Radicava Ridiculousness is so routine that we can just mention in passing while including a pic of some of the sweetest Hico boys. I hate that the tegaderm is so itchy that I feel like chewing my arm off, but I’ll take it.

I shared a blog post the other day about an oral form that is in the works, yippee! Thankfully my rounds haven’t interfered with our travels, accessed port + denied access to swim up bar = a not happy Sunny.


No news is good news with Radicava and the discussion of progression really only comes into play when using a specific time frame. Have I progressed in the last month? Not really, the heat is more brutal than anything else. 3 months? Maybe, but again I think it’s the heat more than any signs of actual progression. Year? Definately, this time last year I was working full time, running around throwing out first pitches, and busier than I could have ever imagined.

Thankfully Round 10 is over and Kenneth and I are headed back to Cancun to celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Moses.


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