7.18.18 The Brain Functioning Without a Body

We are 9 days away from the Ouray 100 and fundraising is going strong. I think we can all agree that we’re glad it’s Jake running this race and not us, and to show our support for his efforts the donation link is at the bottom of the page. Y’all know I love Jake, but if you need a refresher on why read this and this and this. I asked him to send me some pics of his races, some of his favorite moments and this is what I got.

My buddy Grant Coates and I after he paced me to an age group win for the last 17 miles at Dinosaur Valley 100 in November 2016. Second pic is celebrating another age group win (this time with Baron) at Rough Creek 40 miler in September 2014.


Me, my sister, and my dad. I was at mile 50 of the Cactus Rose 100 miler in October 2017.

TransLantau 100K in Hong Kong 2015 (only 3 Americans finished!)

Dragging Breinn up Ben Lomond Peak outside of Queenstown, New Zealand 2014

The human body is a truly remarkable vessel. Can you even imagine the wear and tear it goes through on a daily basis? Compare that to what it would take to complete a 100 mile endurance run – insanity.

In the trailer for “Augie” it simplifies ALS to this: “it’s the brain functioning without a body”.  Thank you Jake for lending your body for the cause, for using your abilities in the fight against ALS, and for raising awareness for this devastating disease.

Richter Runs for SunnyStrong

Jake is running the Ouray 100 for ALS Awareness and SunnyStrong!


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